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Shenzhen Koster Metal Products Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 2004, the company has passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality System, the factory  processes requires strict adherence to the quality controls in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality system.  We have perfect productions, quality services and good management systems. We always uphold to honesty, trustworthiness and sustainable management services to the customer.


The company have advanced and complete production equipments such as; the heading machine, punching machine, thread rolling machine, screw nut machine, instrument lathe, CNC lathe, automatic lathe, with more than 50 other different units. Our factory is equipped with professional technical testing equipments such as; projector, three coordinates measuring instrument, hydrogen embrittlement tester, torsion tester, hardness tester, salt spray test machine, pressure riveting machine, thread plug gauge, thread ring gauge, digital caliper, dial caliper, outside micrometer, slot card, hole gauge contour precision equipment.


The Company have been focusing on R&D and international manufacturing standards. Our main products are: Self clinching nuts, Self clinching standoffs, Self clinching studs, Self riveting screw, Incline knurl nuts, Riveting nut, Interval studs, Floating nuts, Knurled nuts, Handles, Stainless steel screws, Self-tapping screws, Hex screws, Rivets, Screws panel fastener, Board fasteners, Threaded insert for plastics, Self-tapping threaded inserts, Helicoil inserts, Bolts, Washers, All kinds of CNC customized products, etc.  


Since its establishment, we have been proud of maintaining customer satisfaction above 98%. As the company's quality objectives: Customer complaint handling satisfaction rate of 100%; Finished goods inspection qualified rate of more than 99%; Customer complaint (quality, service) not more than 3 times per month; Raw material on time delivery rate of more than 99% ; Raw materials inspection qualifying rate of more than 99%; New staff training qualifying rate of 100% as the qualifying objectives for each department.

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