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Press In Self-Anchoring Threaded Inserts

Press In Self-Anchoring Threaded Inserts

Press In Self-Anchoring Threaded Inserts for:
Ventilated facades, wall-coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary elements, funerary art, etc. Marble, granite and stone materials, as well as on composites, carbon, HPL, glass and other compact materials.
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Press In Self-Anchoring Threaded Inserts application:

Ventilated facades, wall-coverings, décor and interiors, furniture, kitchen and sanitary elements, funerary art, etc. Marble, granite and stone materials, as well as on composites, carbon, HPL, glass and other compact materials.

Application & Assembly By Pressure
1st Step :
Prepare the hole in the receiving material.
2nd Step
Check the correct hole dimension with a go/no go gauge.
3th Step:
Install the insert by pressure.
4th Step:
The insert is ready for the assembling.


Minimum Thickness (s) 10/32”

Thread (d1) M 6

Thread Length (h1)  4,5

Hole Diameter (d2)+ 0.2/-0.2 15/32”

Hole Depth (l2) + 1.0/-0.0 7/32”

Crown   2

Average press-in force*(lbs) 90 lbs

Average pull-out strength*  (lbs) 562 lbs


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