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2016 Shanghai Professional Fastener Expo
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2016 Shanghai  Professional Fastener  Expo

2016 Shanghai  Professional Fastener  Expo 
Exhibition name: 2016 Shanghai  Professional Fastener  Expo
Show time: June 23-25, 2016
Time: the exhibition, on June 20, 2016 (only for mechanical equipment) 12:00-17:00 on June 21-22, 2016 (8:30-17:00)
Pavilion location: Shanghai pudong expo exhibition center (both Shanghai's new pudong district road no. 1099)
FASTENER industry, overseas support: South Korea, India, Brazil FASTENER association composite FASTENER association, the American journal of screw, the United States the FASTENER Technology ", the European FASTENER + Fixing, Russia FASTINFO, Turkey International FASTENER, Taiwan "FASTENER WORLD, Russia Fasteners," Adesives ", "Tools", Japan "screw the WORLD", Ukraine "Metiz - info"; , Australia, Argentina, the Magazine Bulonero "" the HARDWARE -- --", Australia the Manufacturers or ", "EurAsia, Turkey, India the Strategise. In"
Exhibition range:
Fasteners: bolt screw nut screw riveting products article teeth/screw washer and stamping pin connected to the key combination fasteners vice fasteners cold heading of non-standard pieces of hot upsetting and turning stainless steel fasteners, plastic and nylon fasteners products Corrosion resistant metal special screw fasteners, non-standard fasteners, plug and plug thread sheath/repair precision turning fasteners innovative fasteners and other fasteners
Automotive fasteners: engine with high strength bolt hub/wheel bolt and nut welded bolt and nut chassis with fasteners Sit chair with cold heading a interior with fasteners Body with fasteners
Construction fasteners and fittings: chemical anchor bolt and resin suspension firmware Roof and solar firmware supports and fittings scaffolding fasteners Used in stamping products Other building firmware and fittings
Aerospace and military fasteners: aluminum alloy fasteners titanium fasteners blind bolt critical fasteners, special alloy fastener military screw sheath High/low temperatures resistance fasteners
Other industries special fasteners: electronic and electrical appliances with fasteners Electric power industry fastener machinery and heavy industrial fasteners railway with fasteners furniture used for pressure vessels with fasteners, fastener industry with fasteners, the chemical industry with fasteners with fasteners bicycle with fastener

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