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Pressure riveting screw industry standards
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Pressure riveting screw industry standards


Pressure riveting screw industry standards


Pressure riveting screw from the appearance shape is pressure riveting standard fasteners with internal thread. Screwing in the direction of pressure riveting screw fasteners of the leakage. Its types are: ground stud. Flush type stud. Rose riveting type stud. Extrusion type stud, reaming type screw, double-headed stud, ordinary stud a few broad categories. Here is detailed to introduce the difference of all kinds of pressure riveting stud.

Definition of stud and nut except according to the working conditions to distinguish, but also distinguish from its type, the length of the stud code code indicates the length of the exposed parts, and after the pressure riveting nut, said pressure into the length of the part.

A, counter pressure riveting screw - CSS - 632-3, CSOS - M4-6

CSS is 12 edge shape of the head, CSSOS is hexagon head. The material is SUS. Countersunk screw used in thick material pressure riveting, the minimum thickness of 2.4 CSOS, CSS 1.6. So the rivet is rarely used. The length of the code for the imperial for 1/16, not 1/32.

Second, rose riveting type round head stud - KFB3-440-2, KFB3-440-24

The stud for double BianShi pressure riveting, commonly used in the PC board, the length of the code for L / 32 inch or mm L. This kind of stud is also suitable for thick (1.27 ~ 1.27).

Three, grounding type pressure riveting screw - SOSG - 6440-6, SOAG 3.5 M3-8, SOSG - 8632-10 (over)

SOxG class stud by no longer before the code to add B to represent the class blind hole, just a long (more than 12 mm) into a blind hole class. The piercing aperture with the first kind of ordinary stud, the length of the code for L / 32 inch or mm L. The minimum pressure riveting the stud thickness is 1.0 mm. This kind of screw head department of reamer teeth, is dedicated to connect the PC board.

Four, double end studs, in the connector industry, also used the following double end studs - DSOS, DSO - 440-440 - M3. The stud on both ends need to be connected to the screw, there are only two thread specification. DSOS for stainless steel material, it is more commonly used; DSO is the general carbon steel, not too common.

Pressure riveting screw generally use range is wide, is useful to have a lot of places. Such as sheet metal industry, metal plate used to pressure riveting. Such as chassis cabinets is useful to many on it. Of course some electronic products, electrical products, mechanical products will be useful to the above.


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