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What are The Models of Self Clinching Nuts?
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What are The Models of Self Clinching Nuts?


What are The Models of Self Clinching Nuts?

Its types are many, like S - M3-0, S - M3-1, S - M3-2, CLS - M3-0, CLS - M3-1, CLS - M3-2, CLS - M12-1, CLS - M12-2, and so on

What material is pressure riveting nut To see your level of nut, generally speaking, a magnitude 4.8 below with BL2, ML08Al, ML10 or similar materials, levels of 4.8 to 8.8 using ML08Al, ML10, ML35 or 35 k (Japanese brand) or similar ingredients, 8.8 magnitude with 40 cr.

Maybe pressure riveting nut test is divided into the following: size (micrometer) grain hardness tooth gauge (6 h) (hardness tester) salt spray test (salt spray machine) appearance (visual) pressure riveting nut have any industry standard:

Pressure riveting nut standard in domestic is not unified, the current standard of pressure riveting nut is imported from abroad, gradually accepted by relevant application industry use. The world's oldest pressure riveting nut standard from producers in the United States. Pressure riveting nut multi-purpose cold-flow machine production abroad, the domestic many to automotive, although both are no difference on quality, but the difference of efficiency of domestic also temporarily difficult to transcend.


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