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Self Clinching Nuts Fasteners Industry the Main Condition and Difference
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Self Clinching Nuts Fasteners Industry the Main Condition and Difference


Self Clinching Nuts Fasteners Industry the Main Condition and Difference


(1) automotive fasteners enterprise independent innovation ability is poor, the product most modeled on abroad, lack of originality and with independent intellectual property rights, brands and products are lack of effective science and technology innovation system, the research work mainly focused on the enterprise internal and small range of cooperation between enterprises, results of industrialization; Auto fastener materials technology research is weak, special materials, less production is difficult to achieve economies of scale, and material technology standard chaos, poor basic technical data and industry statistics. (2) automotive fasteners enterprise relative to the development of automobile industry in China is slow, this situation led to its research and development ability completely attached to the same research and development ability, the upgrading of the attached to the makers, is passive, and some of the scale of automotive fasteners production enterprises in the large-scale automobile production enterprise is in a very subtle marginal areas: either in the years of research and development invested capital of technology, no return, finally come to the end of the market, or in a central position, to policy is policy, preferential concessions, to the survival and development.

(3) equipment, testing level lag behind.

Now automotive fasteners, put forward higher requirements for equipment, and automotive fasteners with a few joint ventures in China have strong ability in this respect, most enterprises is insufficient in this respect, that is to say, the whole equipment, detection is relatively backward, the quality level is not high, especially the quality stability is not strong. In this state, makers of automotive fasteners are more and more high quality requirements. Such as automotive fasteners bad product qualified rate control in 60-150 parts per million, the index is hard to do. In accordance with very strict requirements for the premise of artificial selection, can control is already very good level in 300-600 PPM. Auto fastener quality actually depend from equipment and materials to the detection, technical guarantee of the whole system, rather than a single pick out some bad product that simple.

General hardware mold is the source of business from the foreign trade order, has a high export dependence, if meet the international financial crisis, as a result, many enterprises export market will face a sharp contraction. When brand building, is also relatively lagging, in the industry, many companies rely on branded consumer, in terms of brand and core competence are in short supply. Blind expansion, leading to the mould is market disruption are also important factors hindering the development of the mould.


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